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Ratnakala Exports Group, with more than 30 years in business, is one of the leading manufacturers of polished diamonds in the world.

Headquartered in Mumbai, with global presence around the world including customers in United States, Europe, Middle-east and Far-east.

Mr. Ranchhodbhai Detroja, the driving force behind the group, laid the foundation of Ratnakala back in 1985. Ratnakala is one of the major manufacturers and distributors of polished diamonds and supplies loose polished diamonds to the Diamond wholesellers , jewellery manufacturers & watch manufacturers globally.

Ratnakala Exports is dedicated to serving customers around the world, regardless of their volume requirements.

The success of Ratnakala Exports can be attributed to our customer-centric philosophy.

Ratnakala Exports is known for the best cut & consistency in assortment and also for its commitment to stringent quality and perfection for more than 30 years.


Mr. Ranchhodbhai Detroja

Welcome to Ratnakala, manufacturer, importer and exporter of high-quality diamonds.

We are the world's largest manufacturer of Star and -2 polished diamonds.

Because Ratnakala derives strength and inspiration from customer's trust and recognition.

For over past two decades we have persevered the quality of diamond polishing with quality services.

Unique journey of success of Ratnakala rely on tools of team work, commitment and collective skills and that propels our growth and fuels our journey of success.

As our employees are dedicated to get finer results so we all strive to preserve the highest standards in every step of the diamond polishing process. Diamond polishing is not only a business but a passion for us!

We believe in nurturing human wealth, so we regularly interact with artisans to create motivation and encouraging environment to get the best results.

I would thank all my colleagues, employees and customers for their contribution, trust and dedication without that we would not have achieved the growth and continuous improvement.

We are continuing to show our pro-active commitment to keep on adding real value. As such, a key focus of the Ratnakala's mission is to develop products that are enticing to our customers.

Let this bond last forever.

Our Milestones

  • 1985

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Foundation of diamond manufacturing business by Mr. Ranchhodbhai Detroja in 1985 with 20 workers at Navsari, Gujarat.

  • 1986

    An manufacturing unit Started

    Establishment of second manufacturing facility at Morbi, Gujarat in 1986.

  • 1995

    Changed constitution

    Changed the constitution of the firm from proprietary to partnership in 1995. Arrangement of third manufacturing facility at Unjha, Gujarat in 1995.

  • 1997

    Phase Two Expansion

    Established fourth factory at Pipadiya Char Rasta, Gujarat in 1997.

  • 1998


    We achieved one of the highest man power strengths in the industry.

  • 2002

    New Manufacturing facility

    Established fifth manufacturing facility at Dhrol, Gujarat in the year 2002.

  • 2003

    Recognized as Export House

    In 2003 we were recognized as an “Export House” by the Director General of Foreign Trade, The Government of India.

  • 2004-05

    Our Achievement

    Achieved total revenues of US$ 25 million in the financial year 2004-05.

  • 2005

    Green Energy Initiative

    Initiative in Green Energy. We've installed two wind turbines generators having capacity of 2.5 MW in Maharashtra, India

  • 2006-07

    One More Achievement

    Achieved total revenues of US$ 50 million in the financial year 2006-07.

  • 2007

    Registered as rough buyer in Russia

    Registered as rough buyer with M/s Alrosa Ltd, Moscow, Russia.

  • 2008

    Installed captive wind turbine at Gujarat, India

    We have also installed captive wind turbine generators at Gujarat, India in the year 2008 Thus we use the clean energy in polishing the diamonds in all the factories of Ratnakala Exports Pvt.Ltd.

  • 2010

    registering with UNFCCC

    We are in process for registering with UNFCCC for CDM benefits for carbon credit.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


White Diamonds
Nos. White Diamonds
WF First Quality in White
WS Second Quality in White
WV Third Quality in White
WVG Fourth Quality in White
WVG1 Fifth Quality in White
WN First Quality in White Natts
WVN Second Quality in White Natts
WVN1 Third Quality in White Natts
* AVAILABLE SIZE --- +000 - 6.5
OLWB Diamonds
Nos. OWLB Diamonds
TOPTTLB First Quality in OWLB
TLB Second Quality in OWLB
OWTTLB Third Quality in OWLB
OWTLB Fourth Quality in OWLB
TTLB(N) Fifth Quality in OWLB Natts
TLB(N) First Quality in OWLB Natts
* AVAILABLE SIZE --- +000 - 6.5
LC Diamonds
Nos. LC Diamonds
TOPTTLC First Quality in LC
TLC Second Quality in LC
OWTTLC Third Quality in LC
OWTLC Fourth Quality in LC
TTLC(N) Fifth Quality in LC Natts
TLC(N) First Quality in LC Natts
* AVAILABLE SIZE --- +000 - 6.5


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Ratnakala Exports Pvt. Ltd.

DC-7250 D-Tower Center,

Bharat Diamond Bourse,

Bandra Kurla complex,Bandra (E)

MUMBAI - 400051, India.

Ratnakala Exports Pvt. Ltd.

DC-6111D, D-Tower Center,

Bharat Diamond Bourse,

Bandra Kurla complex,Bandra (E)

MUMBAI - 400051, India.